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Sep 20, 2010 4:30am EDT
rough outing for brett favre, redskins and texans need overtime and a remarkable grab by randy moss. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning and welcome back to "early today," i'm lynn berry and here are some of your top headlines this morning. as the ballots are counted in this weekend's afghan parliamentary elections, observers of the vote are questioning its legitimacy. they're concerned about numerous fraud complaints. also, it appears some afghans were scared away by violence that killed 11. preliminary results are not expected until october. >>> a wave of attacks across iraq yesterday killed at least 36 people. it marked the worst violence there since the u.s. formally declared an end to combat operations. >>> and in california, actor randy quaid and his wife are facing burglary charges after apparently being caught living in a house they haven't owned for years. officials say the couple insisted they still own the home. but documents prove that wasn't the case. this was the couple's second serious brush with the law in the past year. >>> and now here's an early look a
Sep 20, 2010 5:00am EDT
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Sep 19, 2010 11:15pm EDT
looking deep for randy moss and moss waffles. one handed. spectacular. it wouldn't be enough, though. jets beat the pats 28-14. >>> opportunity lost, sadly when we return, the man that threw for four bills returns to put today's fedex field loss in some perspective.  we are united by a common purpose. but we come from different walks of life and different branches of service. you can trace our journeys in the lines on our faces, the curls of our smiles, and the joy in our eyes. and during those journeys, throughout our service and around the world, as we buy cars, finance homes d live our lives, navy federal is there. for over 75 years, they've been there. words alone aren't enough. my job is to listen to the needs and frustrations of the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel or restaurant workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. our job is to listen and find ways to help. that means working with communities. restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impac
Sep 26, 2010 11:15pm EDT
second half. donovan mcnabb deep and moss gets in there. and a horse collar penalty. the skins lead 16-14. rams would come back. kenneth darby is in for jackson. 12 yards for the touchdown caps a 12-yard seven play yard. and they were in for good 21- 17. the mid fourth quarter redskins down and to clayton. and hall fell. and 30 yards to set up the field goal. redskins fall to the rams 30- 16. st. louis wins for the first time at home in 15 tries dropping the redskins to 1-2. >> and you would like to come back in that second half. and i thought we did, initially. just similar to what we did a week before. we came out and the week before had a touchdown drive. this one obviously was stalled inside the ten but still got a field goal. but after that, you know, they really did the job. they played well. and we didn't step up and do what we needed to do to win a football game especially on the road. >> they did a great job mixing up their offensive plays which ate up a lot of clock. kind of put us behind the eight ball a little bit. but i thought in the first drive, notice second half, we
Sep 26, 2010 11:00pm EDT
moss. but no, sir gets stripped and cough it is up. butler races up to the redskins three. 14-0 just 6:12 into the nothing the redskins trailed. in the second quarter redskins trail 14-3. donovan mcnabb finds moss 29 yards for the touchdown. redskins cuts the deficit to 14- 10. late first half,
Sep 26, 2010 11:00pm EDT
rams scored again in the second quarter. donovan mcnabb rolled. he found santana moss. the skins move closer. in the third quarter, 16-14 st. louis. itnneth darby ran a in in. later, we will have some interesting things from albert haynesworth. >>> coming next, shark attack in virginia. the teenager who was bitten will tell his story >>. >>> i have never in my life portrayed myself as a perfect man. >> he is one of the most influential pastors in the nation. now the anti-gay pastor is defending himself against >>> stay in down. >> tension and commotion of board a delta airlines flight that was forced to make an emergency landing. it was forced to land at jfk after the landing gear got stuck. the flight attendant was telling passengers to stay down. in the end, the airplane landed safely. >>> and virginia teenager is recovering after a shark bit him. they went surfing near virginia beach. they were in the water standing next to their boards when they found something brushup next to them. >> i immediately jumped onto my board to get out of the water. i started to lean back and i it felt
Sep 27, 2010 4:30am EDT
-zero, rams. donovan mcnabb finds a santana moss. no, moss from bill halter. th-- moss fumbles. the redskins later recovered. donovan mcnabb rolls and fines santana moss, his favorite receiver. 14-10 grams at that point. the redskins can only settle for field goal right there. 16-14, rams. the rams kept them there. break the cycle. swetone last shot for the redskins. mcnabb is picked off by. the redskins lose. albert haynesworth gives his insight on why they lost. >> we did not focus. we expected to beat them. they get draft pick just like we do. they were prepared to us like we were. >> 4:38, 62 degrees. a working woman trying to unite business owners in alexandria. and we of weeks away from the midterm elections. what democrats are doing to try to keep control. first, we are bracing for what could be a messy morning rush jo in case of everyday emergencies, it's important to be prepared for dinner. that's why i've prepared my perdue perfect portions fresh chicken breasts. they're individually wrapped, so you can cook what you need and store what you don't. [ male announcer ] perdue
Sep 20, 2010 4:00am EDT
. plus randy moss makes an inyesterdayible one-handed catch. but was it enough tohelp the patriots slide past the jets? your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. >>> and in weather this week, we go from summer to fall but it's not gog to feel like it. your monday forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning. if you're jus waking up, this is "early today." in sports when it comes to tough sibling rivalries, try being peyton manning's little brother. here's nbc's fred rgin with an early look at all your sports headlines. >> good morning. peyton manning took it to his little brother eli as the colts led from sta to finish. mom and dad on hand to see their boys play. indy up 14-0, peyton threw three touchdowns. tough for eli, sacked and fumbled in the third, colts recovered in the end zone. nothing went right for the giants. indy won in a rout 38-14. jets and pats,lay of the game turned in by randy moss. moss hauled it in with a remarkal one-handed grab. e more time. moss made it look so easy. but after that it was all new york. mark sanchez tew a care
Sep 19, 2010 7:00pm EDT
, throwing, it's caught. santana moss has got a first down for washington. he went up high to get it. dan: flag down, holding against the redskins. referee: 10-yard penalty, third down. ian: oh, boy. dan: that's what 91,000 just said when they saw the flag. dan: and guess who, the man who stepped in for trent williams, heyer. dan: working against smith who is a darn good pass rusher himself. and there's the hold that wrap around the neck. what a throw by mcnabb. that's a 40-yard throw on a line to moss, all for nothing. ian: it looked like a facsimile of what we saw a week ago when washington benefited on a third and 30 now for the redskins. they go conservative. toss out for santana moss, he's brought down. 1:01 to play, washington and houston tied at 27-27. the redskins go three and out on this important possession and they're going to have to give it back to the houston texans with plenty of time left on the clock. how did we get here in donovan mcnabb put on a show in the first half. the long pass to his tight end fred davis, led to a portis touchdown, he was forced out of the one, an
Sep 26, 2010 7:00pm PDT
, christine inea, chris jackson, tony kelly, dewitt lacey, jeffrey morris, steve moss, eric smith, lynette sweet, and diane wesley smith. they will have a chance to present their views upon issues affecting the district and the city, and to answer your questions about those issues. to submit questions for the candidates, look for a league volunteer who will be handing out index cards. we will collect all questions by 6:30. i have a few housekeeping items that i'm sure you've been hearing about since you came in the door. that is no literature, campaign signs, or buttons may be distributed or posted inside of this meeting room. if you have them in your lap, put them face down on the floor or in the seat. candidates and their supporters are expected to be respectful of our candidates and the audience and to help maintain quiet during the forum. candidates are asked to make no personal attacks on other individuals. no flash photography is allowed due to the fact that that forum is being taped for broadcast by san francisco government television, sfgtv, and educational access tv, e.a. tv. fina
Sep 4, 2010 4:00pm PDT
that would like to make a statement? ok, please come forward. >> michael moss. i have lived on geary for about 10 years. mostly downtown. for the past few years, i have lived in the eldeouter richmond. >> [no audio[ sorry. seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, my suggestion would be given there are still conversations with supervisor daly, that we move forward with reappointment of mr. larkin. seconded by john avalos. we can take that without objection. thank you, mr. larkin. >> item 5. recommend appointment of three members to the geary corridor bus rapid transit citizens advisory committee. supervisor campos: now we are on the right item. >> we have a citizens advisory committee specifically for thegeary vrt projects, and we are compiling and burned into reports. we have been meeting since 2008 when the board appointed 11 members to the cac. since then, two members have moved away, another resigned due to other commitments. we have three openings at this point. we said to have a notice to all of the members in our distribution list. we do have, at this point, 11 eligib
Sep 28, 2010 10:30pm PDT
need to have more of the on the ground community outreach to deal with it. >> thank you. >> mr. moss. >> i started san francisco community power in 2001. i was placed on the tax forsk fe in 2002. i will help close a plant this year. i'm on the task force that has a book that air toxins in district 10. if you look at the map of for the pollution is, it is in district 10. it comes from the freeway. the city of san francisco has adopted an ordinance that all new developments has to be built in a certain way. everyone who lives in the district right now, including my daughter who has respiratory problems, is not protected in the same way. that's not acceptable. you can see exactly where the holes are. there are not even walls between some of the house is in the district and the freeway. that is unacceptable. it has to be addressed. >> mr. smith. >> yes, thank you. in 2007, i worked with the department of environment because i cared about asthma. i helped san francisco converts the entire city fleet of diesel vehicles to biodiesel. my passion is the environment. i want to continue that pa
Sep 26, 2010 11:00pm PDT
moss is joining jerry rice. moss had two as the patses beat the bills. jackson becoming regulars in the play of the day. jackson with 10td catcheses of more than 50 yards and the eagles beat the jags. leon washington ties an nfl record with two kickoff returnses, 101 yard and this 99-ready yeaher as seattle knocks off san diego 27-20. our play of the day, check out this one-handed grab, as good as it gets. kansas city cooks the niners. and we end it with golf. jim furyk's bunker shot, a shot worth $11 million. he gets up and down to win the tour championship and the fed ex cup. that's your plays of the day. congrats to the gold pride and their gm who used to work here. finally a bay area champion. and stanford is at 5:00 here on abc7 on saturday. that's gonna be a great game. both undefeated. the winner of that will win the pac-10. >> i know who you are pulling for. >> yes, we know. >>> that's it for this edition of abc7 news. for leigh glaser and mike shumann, thank you for joining us. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. good night. dan: i had a biopsy and i had high-ris
FOX News
Sep 9, 2010 9:00pm EDT
americans don't want this mossing built. you are saying if that mosque is not built america can expect attacks? >> sean, it depends on how you look at this. this mosque for some odd reason it is not a mosque, it is a community center. i believe that's how it is being seen overseas, a community center that has a pool -- >> sean: we don't have a lot of time. i'm asking you, you said earlier and imam rauf said if the mosque is not built we better expect attacks? >> it could be used by radicals as a way to attack america. >> sean: you said there will be smoke, there will be fire. >> it could be, it is not something for sure if people want to attack in any way this could be one leverage. >> sean: brigitte we give in, capitulate to radicals thinking our capitulation going to buy us what? now all of a sudden those who buy into radical jihad now they are going to be nice to americans? >> of course not. they were planning on killing us in the 90s the taliban and 1,000 al-qaeda members in afghanistan in the 90s when clinton was president. that he tacked america in 1993. this is total -- they att
Sep 2, 2010 4:00pm EDT
young players at both spots who don't make the team. three men who have no worries, santana moss, donavan mcnabb and clinton portis. portis sprained his ankle against the jets but did practice this week. he look fine. portis had the starting spot on lockdown for months. the battle for the third running back job could be determined by how thing go tonight on mcnabb. wouldn't have played even if he was fully healthy. he is recovering from a sprained ankle but there is no chance, no chance that he misses the dallas game. he will be good to çógo. the back-up will be rex grossman. the third string will be john beck who will get plenty of time tonight. the only wide receiver guaranteed to be in the starting lineup when the regular season starts, santana moss. if he plays tonight, it will be a very limited role. right now, devin thomas who expected to be opposite moss at the starting receiver position interesting fourth receiver on the depth chart. he will get one more shot tonight to prove himself. don't forget, you can catch all the action right here on nbc 4. kick yourself at 10:00
Sep 18, 2010 9:00am PDT
moss one of the singer's songs. beautiful country, i take you to by the black water screens of the beast the thrush and the black bird sings sweetly and the wild deer over the mountains branches with fruits and blossom the and hives with honey. and the corn creek lifts it's cries in the grass. [applause] >> your poem has a sense of place and you mentioned earlier the sensation of going to canada and what it felt like to be in that place in canada and in other opportunities to be in that land in ireland. i wonder if you can reflect and margaret as well, what were the physical experiences you were having and what was the importance ever going to the place by way of informing your story? >> i don't know if anybody seen there is a series on now on called african-american lives? >> yeah. >> and it remindses me so much of my experience and some of the things that were said that rang through for me are things like, if we don't know where we come from we don't know that we are somebody. it's like, the effects of colonization when -- when our story is taken from us. in when our language is
Sep 26, 2010 10:00pm EDT
-3. donovan mcnabb rolls to his right 28 for the touchdown. moss had a great day. the redskins scored 16 straight points to take the two point lead. third quarter the rams would reply with 16 straight of their own. kenneth darby up 12 yards for the touchdown. the redskins fall to the rams 30-16. st. louis wins their first home game in 15 tries. >>> they did the job. they played well. and we didn't step up and didn't think we needed to do anything to win the football game. >> in this game it is about winning no matter who you play. when you put yourself in a position where obviously you can change the outcome, you have to be able to do that. you know, we found ourselves in a similar situation. obviously the same as last week. you get in the red zone you got to score. kicking field goals just come back to haunt you. we had opportunities again in that second half to get ourselves back in that red zone to score. and we just didn't capitalize. >>> okay. next week a media circus. donovan mcnabb returns to philly to play for the eagles. eagles won over the jaguars today. >> see you for sport
Sep 9, 2010 12:05am EDT
flavor of love. >> team smoove, make your selection. >> i'm going to go with randy moss, baby. >> come on, man, i told you i wanted randy moss. >> never show your hand. ever. >> calm down. >> what? we had a deal. >> we had a deal. there are no deals. it's a draft. >> i will take brandon marshall. >> are you kidding me? i said on the way over here, hopefully i'll get brandon -- >> and i told you i wasn't listening. >> well, i guess it's not fantasy friendship league, apparently. >> dax, you don't even have friends outside of this league. >> you know how many -- >> she doesn't even like you. >> that's enough! it's time to eat! >> well, there you have it. very exciting. the stage is set for week one of the "jimmy kimmel live" fantasy league. bang! >> why bang? >> i like it. bang! >> dicky: check out the complete draft results and follow along throughout the season on the fantasy football section of the "jimmy kimmel live" youtube channel. >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live" is back in two minutes with milla jovovich, music from interpol and kevin nealon. bang! drink in the rich, bold taste... o
Sep 17, 2010 6:00pm EDT
santana moss for six catches. the redskins need to utilize more receivers on offense. coollynd moss, the only players with morthan one catch. anthony armstrong basically the number two receiver. man, he should have caught that. he had a chance to make a great touchdown catch. armstrong only had one catch in the game. he knows the cowboys game was just a start. >> i'm extrely confident. like coachhanahan said, that was only round one. we're about to be in round two. and i think everybody pretty much kne this. we're only about five, x months in. we're still learning day in and day out. we have practice to do things and get better. i think everything will be fine by the time the rest of the season rolls around. >> we'll change it up. i feel like from a player's standpoint, iis so different this week. i talked to a few of the ys. and after practice we said, wow. he is really spinning. we have so much different stuff in. there is a lot of adjustments to make offensively and i'm sure they'll do thesame thing. i'm sure they know. they have the idea, what we kw. whatever. a chess match. if we're
Sep 27, 2010 5:00am EDT
the middle. santana moss out. his hands and in james butler's hands. when you are on the road, steve, can you not have starts like this and expect to come back and win. now, the redskins did respond. >> they did, very nicely. >> here is donovan mcnabb. this is what you love to see in the rollout. it is 14 left hand -- it is 14- 10. look at. this right oefelein and blocks the field goal at the end of the first half. >> how intimidating is that for the kicker to see him coming at you. you think here they go. up top, santana moss. >> game over. >> first an gold. they had to set follow i afield goal. that was a problem. 16-14. too many field goals. without steven jackson, you can't let kenneth darby beat you but he does. you got that feeling in the second half that, deangelo hall falls down. there goes mark clayton. and again, when you make comments like you did a week ago and you come back this week, you got a big taring oat your back, this is what is going to happen. mike shanahan, kyle shanahan going back to the drawing board. this team is now 1-2. there are no moral victories in the
Sep 2, 2010 12:30am EDT
some of the answers, vytas? >> you can see frrm the national weather service. moss of the area along the -hesapeake bay, we have problems. zoominggin. -e have coastaa floods advisories, or watches up for the western edge of the bay, as we see the water lapping up creaaing flooding. and out on the waterways, of the atlantic, we do have hose tropical storm forred winds out there. ú% tropical storm warnings ocean city, bethany beach and also ver toward rahobeth, ifú youuaae going out there i do not recommend getting into thee3 wwter, because of strong surge strong category 4 storm. 120-08388miles per hour intensifying over the last half hour. looking at gusts at 167 miles per hour. and in fact, looking at the track of the torm. as a categorr category 4 becomia of the carolinas and passing maryland. but still ttopical force winds, 40 to 0 mmles per hourrwinds. heavy rain. aad pooential surf that could be created by the storm. %-with the modelldata.le track. computer model runs. showing that most of them are in agreement that it stays over th3 atlantic. but it will be a close c
Sep 21, 2010 9:00pm PDT
this case, it's sacramento office, and we also have a proposal from moss adams, another accounting firm from seattle. the action than would be to -- for you to recommend the award of a contract for the top-rank from that would require -- the top-rank firm that would require $100,000 because that was the difference between the action that was taken back in june compared to the money we actually need. this would be matched by an action at the plans and programs committee later this morning to appropriate the one other $100,000 to the authorities so we can cover the whole budget. i want to welcome the chair of the planning committee, commissioner mar. the action today would be two steps, to both recommend approval of the contract with cgr management service and also to amend the budget by $100,000. let me clarify a couple of things -- amending the budget usually means moving money away from the reserve into the operating budget of the authority, so that the expense which was not anticipated at the beginning of the year is actually covered. the other thing i should point out is that the pre
Sep 29, 2010 11:00pm PDT
a new enemy, the european grapevine moss. 94 square miles are affected. teams today pulled more than half a ton of grapes from backyard vineyards as a precaution. lisa amin gulezian has the report. >> at seven millimeters, the european grapevine moth has the potential to destroy all of this and more. researchers found three moths at several wineries. the if the larva are not de destroyed now, there could be major ramifications. >> the population would expand , and they would potentially move to the other growers. >> starting today, the state and county agriculture officials are pulling all of the grapes from nearby backyard vineyards. the grapes county officials are removing belong to people who grow their own grapes at home. and these grapes are used to make small amounts of wine, jam and to eat. teams took all of bernie's unharvested grapes today. her vines are now bear. >> it was found in our vineyards that are maybe a hundred yards from where i live. that was devastating. >> 100 yards means jason steven's winery where the first moth was found. commercial wineries are not imp
Sep 3, 2010 11:35pm PDT
history is visible everywhere, from spanish moss to the plantation house. but nothing quite captured the regi region's complicated past like the local food. we want to introduce you now to a man who has made it his life's calling to seek understanding, meal by meal, bite by bite. sharyn alfonsi reports. ♪ >> this is red rice, what is that? >> reporter: this is john t. edge. >> some beans. >> lima beans? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: and behind all that charm and draw is a clear mission. >> our food matters. our food comes with a really distinctive, sometimes troubling but ultimately triumphant back story. that's what makes it matter to me. >> ribs, greens. >> reporter: john t. runs something like the southern food ways alliance. he travels around the south to places like bertha's in north charleston, south carolina, collecting recipes and stories, because he thinks that the food, and the eating, can some how heal the deep racial scars still in the landscape here. >> food allows us to get at the big stuff in the south. look at this, learn this back story and learning that back story, i th
Aug 31, 2010 11:00pm EDT
. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. >>> one of the moss entertaining stories, where the marlins play, there's never anybody there. how do they still play? >> because people are going to the beach, man. >> i know. >> how do they support the team, though? >> jeffrey oria is in charge. until now we've got the money. >> the point, though, is that the nats played there tonight. >> they did. and the nationals didn't get the outcome they wanted but they got a bright spot. the date for strasburg's tommy john surgery will take place friday in los angeles by the same doctor that performed the procedure on jordan zimmerman a year ago. ironically in just his second start since returning from that surgery, zimmerman pitched his best game with the nationals. he faced a minimum 18 about theers, struck out nine. retired the side. bonifacio looking for the strike. next batter, hanley ra memirezr. we go now to the top of the tenth. the score, still 0-0. nigel morgan, 180 feet from home. adam kennedy is up. kennedy hits one to second. this should be a double play to end
Sep 20, 2010 5:30am EDT
-- >> do you feel that way? >> no. >> this season's moss dddbaal ads, feature tattoos, lunchh3 boxes, sneakers, and old people. to going to have to answer >> the baby. >> i'm sorry. i can't do this. and even demmn sheep.3 >> is he what he is telling us or is he what he haa become over the years a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> reporter: the the sheee in this case wwre slaughteeed by the republican carlie fioriia. the best horror movie ever made, thattportrayee to his opponnnt as frankenntein. >> you nned spline, a liver for tonight's jail. >> frank enstei!!frankenstein wo negative for you. john is the cleanest andidate for governor of colorado. thhs is an ad hat required thh candidate to make at least ssx wardrobe ccanges. when we say six ardrobe changes, we're not counting the hat. the best shht award goes to this arizona congrrssional candidate. >> conservative christian and a pretty fair shot. approve this message. and i >> reporter: they are so macho. >> bet you didn't know that, you know why? they invite parody. >> well, it's true, but it ain't because i made it up. >> repoo
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 135 (some duplicates have been removed)